April Bulletin: Does migration support Indonesia’s youth?

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Photo credit: Adam Cohn

Daughters of migrant parents experience poverty differently from sons.

Poorer households have a higher chance of young women migrating to work because they are in great demand in factories and service sectors in urban Indonesia as well as domestic and care sectors overseas. Women also find it easier to migrate as they pay little to no upfront costs to move. Read more about the impact of parental migration on youths in Ponorogo in our latest policy brief.

What we can learn from the day-off policy for migrant domestic workers in Singapore.

Advocacy is not straightforward. To make gains, civil society activists work hard to reframe migrant policies and politics in Singapore. In campaigning for a weekly day off for migrant domestic workers in Singapore, they spoke to different audiences by strategically making use of a moral appeal, speaking to cost-benefit logics, and characterising migrant labour protections as a matter of the market. Read more in our latest journal article in International Migration.

The news, condensed

Remittances to developing countries fell for a second consecutive year in 2016, a trend not seen in three decades. Research shows that 65% of Indonesians working in Singapore do not have a bank account.

A couple is jailed for starving their Filipino domestic worker. Hundreds of Indonesian migrant workers are locked up by a recruitment company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The minimum salary for Filipino domestic workers in Singapore is raised to SGD $570. Calls are made forbetter-defined job scopes for domestic workers. Doctors seek clearer rules on MCs for foreign workers.

A domestic worker’s ‘possession’ is caught on camera and its authenticity debated. The arts scene amongst labour migrants in Singapore continues to flourish.

Shanghai opens its city to domestic workers. On the flipside, Singapore reduces visas for IT professionals from India.

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